Infused Hope. Inspired Confidence.


I’m here to help you get your inner Sparkle back.


Education: 30+ years in the health and wellness industry

  • ACE-Certified Health Coach,
  • ACE-certified Weight Loss Management
  • CFP-Stress-Resiliency Certified
  • ACE-Certified Fitness Nutritionist
  • CCF-Certified Life Coach
  • Soon to be, ACE-Certified Behaviour Change Specialist
  • CFP-certified Personal Trainer and Instructor
  • NLP Master Practitioner
  • Level 1 Yoga Instructor training
  • Creator Bring It Impact Events; Confidence Conferences

But you know what?  More than anything, life has been my teacher and I’ve learnt a LOT.  I almost died at 28 – THIS teaches you much about living.  It caused a few years of anxiety, lack of confidence, panic attacks and as a result I lost confidence in my health, body and self for a while.  My health concerns keep me on my toes yet they’ve shown me the resilience; how to face fears, and basically the “chutzpah” that I have and in turn have helped me help others find theirs.  


Have you ever felt:

  • low in self-confidence? that you are an “imposter” with what you’re doing (psst: You aren’t alone)?
  • that you constantly are not enough?
  • that to even “consider” creating a healthy lifestyle (body, mind) – would just be another chore on your long “to-do” list?
  • that you should weigh less, be a “better” size? (we need to talk)
  • when you look in the mirror you see your flaws…but miss what’s awesome about you?
  • Like you can’t do it all?
  • That everyone else has their “stuff together) but you don’t?
  • Mommy-Dad-guilt (for all those Parents out there)
  • Anxious, lacking confidence, unable to lean into your fears….

And lastly, REGARDLESS of age:

  • Does stress get to you?
  • Do you wish you could get ahead in life, health, business (from the heart) and more?

I can help. And Friend: it’s time for change; you need to ignore what you perceive as flaws and show the world what and who YOU are!

If you are struggling with health, lifestyle, balance, or body love….I’ve been where you are and I will help you change your thought process, create new, positive behaviours and be your biggest cheerleader as you take this path to understand, find and BELIEVE in your awesome!

My Mission:  To educate, inspire and motivate my clients to do and be – all they possibly can.  They have the power within to be the healthiest, happiest version and I’m here to help facilitate this wonderful journey.

I’m asked by people of various ages, generations to work with them or speak at their events.  I’ve grown, learnt, educated myself and experienced what many have and I’m out to offer my lessons in life to others.

I invite you to join me on this journey to show you how amazing you are – and can feel.  Let me help you; begin by clicking HERE now to sign up for my newsletter and Blog: Join my Community and let’s find your inner magic and SHINE!


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