30. 1. 5

New for 2018!

Interested in joining my 30. 1. 5. ACCOUNTABILITY Program?30. 1. 5.

* three important numbers for us.


Life has become sedentary for so many.

SEDENTARY has become the new SMOKING (seriously friends).

People have NO time or energy for much needed healthy practices and their health and wellness ultimately goes to the bottom of the daily list. So… very often this means not being done.

Dieting is prevalent and mostly ineffective.

Starting a new program for a season becomes expensive – and rarely behaviour change takes place when dieting for a new year’s resolution.


  • What if beginning a healthy(er) lifestyle wasn’t about dieting in the New Year every New Year (blech).
  • What if a healthier lifestyle was about TEENY WEENY changes to your everyday that are so doable you can do them throughout the day?
  • What if being healthier and starting on your journey to a healthier, leaner, happier, less stressed, more confident YOU began with some steps that are so simple yet effective, that you can do throughout your day?
  • Many struggle with weight gain, challenges of weight loss, lack of time, motivation, consistency and sometimes even knowledge of what to do when.
  • Based on some incredible research I’ve created a new #accountability program that is so easy and at your fingertips (literally!).
  • I have created it based on the knowledge that many find the above challenges so real and ultimately health and healthy practices fall to the bottom of the list.
  • Want more information? Want to join?
  • This Accountability programs are ongoing so LET ME KNOW if you’d like to join one.
  • Why am I offering? Because I know too many women who wish to be healthier, or lose weight, or be more active – or a combination of all of these, yet never can find the time with our busy lives. Or….the will just isn’t there when tired at the end of the day.
  • This program is designed to have you be fully-involved, accountable and motivated to live a healthier lifestyle daily.
    This program is SO simple all you’ll require is your wish to add healthy habits to your everyday.
  • If you live a relatively sedentary lifestyle (nlet’s get real with ourselves here) and sit for hours on end either at work, in front of your computer, with clients, at home watching tv (no judgement here; it’s millions are) then THIS program is for YOU.
    –> One month (30 days)
  • –> Every morning  (1)
  • –> Tips for 5 minutes of a break from sitting / light movement (5)
    –> $35
    –> Gets you my new accountability program.
    What this involves:
    –> You receiving a reminder daily to get up and move
  • –> You recording what you do during the day
  • –> Being accountable and submitting at the end of the day what you achieved (EVERYTHING is a celebration! This is about creating healthy habits, consistency and small steps)
  • What you receive:
  • Nutrition Tip
  • Activity Idea
  • Accountability
  • Facebook Support Group
  • My Support
  • RESULT: BEHAVIOUR CHANGE and a HEALTHY HABIT that will be so healthy and important for you and your family too.

If you are looking to start small yet end up with consistent new healthy habits, join us!
Limited spots available; so sign up today.

Fill this information out and let’s get you doing this!

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